12 Most-Anticipated Winter Restaurant and Las Vegas Openings Bars

Las Vegas Opening Bars, Winter brings a whole new crop of restaurants and bars to Las Vegas.


Las Vegas Opening Bars in Winter With KAMU Ultra Karaoke

Sin City may be all about the pools during the spring and summer, but Las Vegas in winter is a whole other experience. When is winter in Las Vegas? It roughly lasts from November to March. During Vegas winter, locals and tourists can take advantage of private karaoke rooms at KAMU Ultra Karaoke Las Vegas. Enjoy Las Vegas winter with singing, dancing and partying the chilly night away!

EATER Experience the Ultimate Bar in Las Vegas KAMU Ultra Karaoke

Visit KAMU Ultra Karaoke, the ultimate bar experience in Las Vegas. Enjoy a night of karaoke, cocktails, and entertainment like no other. With state-of-the-art technology and a luxurious ambiance, KAMU is the perfect destination for unforgettable nights out. Located next door to Sushisamba and the Xpot.

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