NEW Vegas Starfish TikTok: Los Angeles to Vegas Insider Tip Queen

Karaoke is a classic way to enjoy good friends and singing your heart out until the early morning hours. The one and only Vegas Star Fish found this out when she visited KAMU Ultra Karaoke in famous Las Vegas! This social-media influencer and travel insider knows the ins and outs of Sin City, including a trip inside our private karaoke rooms. Take a virtual ride with her for the best insider tips!

Enjoying the Ultimate Karaoke Experience

The best way to do karaoke is to do it in Vegas. KAMU has every detail perfected for its visitors. It’s a party atmosphere from the moment you step up to the main bar. Choose a private room, connect your playlist to the awesome sound system and party the night away. Stop the singing for only a moment to experience the tasty Korean-inspired food or indulge in bottle service. Hours feel like minutes when you party at Jen G’s approved karaoke bar.

Jen G, Vegas Starfish, Los Angeles to Vegas Inder Tips featured on Drew Barrymore Show

Jen G, Vegas Starfish, on the Drew Barrymore Show.

A big “thank you” goes out to Jen G. and the Grand Canal Shoppes. For more information about KAMU Ultra Karaoke and Vegas hotspots in the 2023 Starfish Guide, visit Check out Jen’s Instagram reel and share your experience at KAMU, or you can do the same on her on TikTok.


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More About Vegas Starfish

Jen G is the mastermind who offers insider tips to everything that’s Vegas. Her posts across Insta and TikTok draw in thousands of views every day. She offers a look at upscale eateries and entertainment while remaining practical about costs. A good deal is always the goal.

She discovered KAMU Ultra Karaoke, and her tour around the interior became a jumping-off point for newcomers. Karaoke doesn’t get any better than this Strip destination.

Learning the Tips of the Trade

This influencer collects information about a destination and asks all the important questions. It’s true that her followers want the lowdown on entertainment costs, but they really want to know all the insider stuff. Will there be a raucous party somewhere on the Strip tonight? Where will it be?

She asks all the hard questions about Vegas so that tourists know where and when to show up. With tips from Los Ángeles to Vegas, this insider tip queen knows how to find the best fun at the right price.