Hall Of Fame You Don’t Want To Miss!

Did you know that there’s a hall of fame on the Vegas Strip? It’s true! It’s a virtual hall of fame found at KAMU Ultra Karaoke. At our property, you’ll find 40 private karaoke rooms and VIP suites for karaoke fun. What is the hall of fame though? It’s our long hallway, which links you to the karaoke rooms. Take a look at our hall of famers who adore our family karaoke and late-night parties.


Honored to Host Mackenzie Sol, a KAMU Las Vegas Hall of Famer

Mackenzie Sol has become a cherished guest at KAMU, and we are thrilled every time he performs. As one of our favorite artists, Mackenzie Sol has not only captivated our audience but also earned himself a well-deserved place in our Hall of Fame. With his exceptional talent and undeniable charisma, Mackenzie Sol continues to leave a lasting impression on both our staff and patrons alike.

Mackenzie Sol: Star of KAMU Las Vegas Hall of Fame

Girls Night Out in the Hall of Fame

Be part of the hall of fame by booking a Vegas girls night out at KAMU! Our private karaoke rooms work well for small to large groups. We can even book adjoining suites for your VIP group. If your man is having a bachelor party in Vegas, the girls can have some fun at the same time.

Miss USA Teen Celebrates a Sin City 17th Birthday at KAMU

Hall of Famer Miss Teen USA Vasilija Boskovic, KAMU Karaoke Las Vegas

What is hall of fame glory without a pageant winner? Introduce yourself to Vasilija Boskovic. KAMU had the opportunity to be a part of an exciting celebration – the 17th birthday party of Miss United States of America Teen! It was a joyous occasion that we were thrilled to plan and be a part of. See what the buzz is about by taking a virtual tour of our themed rooms today!

Platinum Tees Las Vegas Golf Caddies Swing by for Girls Night Out

Platinum Tees Las Vegas Afterparty Palazzo Venetian Karaoke

Brittany Catore is a regular at KAMU. If you’ve never seen her Instagram, you’re missing out! She’s part of the popular Platimun Tees Las Vegas Golf Caddies. She can enhance your game and cheer you on. Golf can be a challenging game. She’s there to give you a confidence boost. At KAMU, we appreciate her each time she visits.

Vegas Minnie in the Hall of Fame

What is the hall of fame Las Vegas Strip Karaoke Heart of Instagram

Lovely ladies, such as Vegas Minnie, know about the party at KAMU. This famous Instagrammer loves promoting exciting sights and sounds around Sin City. Catch her at the Grand Canal Shoppes (photos), dining at the best restaurants at The Palazzo, or just hanging out around KAMU. She knows all the trendy places, so follow both her and our Instagram for the latest news.

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Whether you have a Las Vegas birthday coming up or just a regular fun night out, book some time in the Hall of Fame as you enjoy a private room. Singing, dancing, eating and drinking the night away are part of the Vegas lifestyle. Booking your reservation is fast and easy.