Kelly Hu Birthday Karaoke Encore at KAMU Las Vegas

Kelly Hu: How Do You KAMU? Fans of Kelly Hu movies and TV shows know her acting skills are top-notch. Did you know that she can also sing? There are Kelly Hu pictures at KAMU Ultra Karaoke Las Vegas where she’s been enjoying some private fun with her family. It’s time to see how this X Men star unwinds on the Vegas Strip.

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Kelly Hu Breaking Out of Her Shell

Experience the Magic of Kelly Hu, former Miss USA and Miss USA - Loving Las Vegas karaoke at KAMU

Spectacular images can be found online, but her Instagram reveals her vocal side. Vegas in May was eye-opening for former Miss Hawaii because it was the first time she experienced singing in an encore karaoke space. After posting photos, her fans were very supportive. Telling her she’s “precious and incredible” made her feel confident about singing in public and possibly returning to KAMU. It is the premier destination for late-night fun!

Encore Karaoke for Birthday Fun at KAMU

Encore karaoke for Kelly Hu on the Las Vegas Strip at KAMU

A Kelly Hu birthday blowout happened at KAMU in July. It was actually held for her mom’s birthday, but everyone got in on the singing fun. Did you know that the Kelly Hu Las Vegas personality is different than her everyday vibe? She can unwind in private rooms with just family and friends.

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In fact, she had so much fun singing in May that she wanted to do it again at KAMU! She definitely deserves a break from all the work listed on Wikipedia. It’s true that her credits can go on and on. To get away from it all, karaoke is the solution by relieving stress, getting you laughing and conjuring up fan comments like “Super Kelly”. Although Kelly Hu movies and TV shows are thrilling to watch, KAMU Karaoke can be even more wild.

Take the stage with Kelly Hu at the Palazzo Canal Shoppes, KAMU Ultra Karaoke Las Vegas Strip

Birthday Karaoke Gets Everyone in the Spirit

One of the many reasons why former Miss USA loves KAMU is the themed rooms. In fact, there’s a theme for nearly any of her fans, from a Scorpion King vibe in the Egyptian room to a CSI Las Vegas twist found at the Ruby Red Suite. Karaoke is perfect for fun with friends, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and Las Vegas birthday ideas. Find an excuse to enjoy Sin City just like Kelly’s family members did.

Capturing the mommy moment birthday with Kelly Hu pics at KAMU Karaoke

Pick a room that fits your party’s size, select decorations, and book the space. Add on food and drinks before or during your stay. Our Korean-inspired food will tantalize those taste buds as you indulge in bottle service too. The only way to do karaoke in Vegas is to head out to the Grand Canal Shoppes in The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. KAMU takes center stage here where you’ll find 40 private karaoke rooms and VIP suites to get your party on. BOOK NOW!

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