Karaoke Restaurant Private Dining Menu

Karaoke is the perfect end after a night of clubbing and a great excuse to have fun. It’s the ideal combination of camaraderie, musical merriment and relaxation. Now combine all of that with a karaoke sushi bar and other food — and you have KAMU Ultra Karaoke!

KAMU Ultra Karaoke restaurant offers a winning combination of private party rooms, bottle service, and a private dining menu for any night out! Explore our menu options for parties, meetings and intimate gatherings. We’re the premiere sushi karaoke bar option on the Vegas Strip — known for its delicious sharable entrees and authentic Korean food!

Our premium venue offers over 17,000 sq. ft of premium entertainment space, including 40 private karaoke rooms and suites. As you enter, you’ll find a spacious front-of-house bar and our full kitchen comes complete with dedicated staff. 

Sashimi Combo

15 pieces – Chef’s choice Sashimi (**this item is excluded as a choice of entree for bottle packages)


Yellow Tail Carpaccio

Thin Sliced Yellow Tail and Jalapeno, served with Spicy Garlic Ponzu


Orange Salmon

Thin Sliced New Zealand King Salmon and Orange, served with Yuzu Ponzu


Screaming O

Thin Sliced Seared Tuna and Radish, served with Special “O” Sauce


Kamu Special

Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail, Shrimp each 2 pieces


Vegas Special

Shrimp, Fresh Water Eel, Sweet Egg, Octopus each 2 pieces


Fiesta Special

Cajun Albacore, Seared Tuna, Jala Yellow Tail, Garlic Tuna each 2 pieces, served with Spicy Garlic Ponzu and Green Onion


Rainbow Special

Chef’s choice of 7 different kinds of Nigiri


Assorted Tempura

5 pieces Shrimp, 3 pieces Asparagus, 2 pieces Onion


Kamu Fire

Yellow Tail and Jalapeno on Shrimp Tempura roll, served with Radish and Spicy Garlic Ponzu


Kamu Tiara

Canjun Albacore with Avocado on Shrimp Tempura roll, served with Fried Garlic and Onion Spicy Garlic Ponzu


Kamu Dragon

Baked Fresh Water Eel on California Roll, served with Eel Sauce


Kamu Lotus

Baked Lobster on California Roll, served with Eel and Spicy Yum Sauce


Savory Garlic Pork Eggrolls

Garlic Confit-laced Ground Pork Wrapped in a Crispy Shell and served with Picked Herbs and Butter Lettuce, with Yum Sauce and Sweet-Chilli Sauce


Pork Belly Banh Mi Bao Buns

Hoisin-Adobo Braised Pork Belly in a freshly-steamed Chinese Bao Buns, Marinated Daikon and Carrots, Cilantro and Kewpie


Wagyu Sliders

Seared Australian Wagyu Patties, on Toasted Brioche Roll with American Cheese, Truffle Mayo, Homemade Pickles


28oz Dry Aged Tomahawk Rib Steak

Grilled to your preference, served with Black Garlic Butter, Truffle Salt, and Ajumma’s Salad of Romaine, Sweet Onion, Garlic Chives dressed with Sesame-Honey Gochugaru Vinaigrette Wafers (**this item is excluded as a choice of entree for bottle packages)


Parmesan-Truffle French Fries

Black Truffles, Grated Imported Grana Padano, Crispy Fried Potatoes, Truffle Mayo and Spicy Ketchup


Cheese Platter

5 types of assorted cheeses, with dry fruits and nuts


Prosciutto and Mozzarella

Shaved Parma Ham, Arugula, Mozzarella, baked on Focaccia Flatbread


Fennel Sausage and Wild Mushroom

Italian Sausage, Fresh Basil, Seasonal Wild Mushroom, Focaccia Flatbread


Kimchi Fried Rice

Stir-fried Sushi Rice with Prawns and Applewood Smoked Bacon, seasoned with Kimchi and topped with a Sunnyside Farm Egg, House Tomato Sauce around the whole dish


Kamu Kalbi Platter

House-marinated LA Kalbi, Grilled and served on a bed of Grilled Onions, Gochugaru and Ginger-Soy Glaze



Savory Rice Cakes, Fish Cakes simmered in Sweet and Spicy Gochuhang and Korean Pepper Flakes, Soft-Boiled Egg and Shaved Scallions


Kalbi Tacos

Grilled Korean BBQ Marinated Ribeye with Sweet Pickled Onions, Sliced Avocado and Kimchi Aioli on Corn Tortillas


Japche Wraps

Sweet Potato Glass Noodles on Butter Lettuce, with Garlic Chives, Shiitake, Carrots and Spinach seasoned with Sesame-Soy, Quail Egg


Korean Fried Chicken (“KFC”)

Lollipop-Chicken Wing Drumettes in Crisp Light Batter, tossed in Honey-Garlic Gochuchang Sauce, KAMU Marinated Radishes


Salmon Butter Lettuce Wrap

Grilled Faroe Island Salmon, served on a Bibb Lettuce with Marinated Cucumbers, Mint, Shiso, Dill, Crispy Garlic and Ikura


Maine Lobster Roll

Butter Poached Lobster, Toasted Pullman, Old Bay Spice, Lemon Aioli Homemade Chips


Seasonal Oysters

One dozen Premium Oyster served with KAMU Cocktail Sauce and Red Wine Mignonette


Mango Scallops

Stir fried Louisiana style Cajun Scallop, served with Tropical Mango Sauce


Garlic Shrimp

Deep Fried Shrimp sauteed with Garlic, Jalapeno, Salt and Pepper, Fish Sauce and Green Onions


The Ultimate Sundae

Neapolitan Ice Cream, Mochi,Coconut Jelly, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Rolled Wafers


New York Style Cheesecake

Chocolate Drizzle, Fresh Berries, and Caramel, Premium Cheesecake with multiple layers of freshness and a smooth texture


Kamu Fruit Platter

Premium Sweet Melons, and Organic Berries with Honey Whipped Cream


Why Choose KAMU Las Vegas Karaoke Bar?

KAMU’s private party venue is ideal for family karaoke before 10 p.m. and for over 21 partying afterward. Private party venue Las Vegas style begins with your choice of bottle service package. Each package includes two entrees, one bottle and two hours of karaoke fun. Read More